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Introduction - chemistry.Com was launched by in February 2006. was created to bring together independent-thinking, confident and diverse singles that are serious about finding a meaningful relationship. bases its matchmaking process on science and compatibility. The site works by asking you many questions and seek to know your innermost self. This is all based on the anthropological research conducted by Dr. Helen Fisher who is the relationship and dating counselor of 

Dr. Helen Fisher ensures that in creating your profile you have answered many questions relating to your personality, interests, genetics, hormones, and physical characteristics that will assist in the matching process. Many people prefer over other dating sites because they have a feature called ‘First Meeting’ which brings you face-to-face with your match as quickly as possible and enable you to discover if you have any kind of chemistry with your match.

Chemistry.Com Features

Registration with
  • The first process in registering with is profiled creation.
  • The profile creation process is lengthy where you will have to answer many questions.
  • All these questions are to assist you discover more about yourself so that you can be matched with a like-minded single that could generate true love into the relationship.
  • Once you have created your profile you will receive matches with photos and profiles via email but will not be able to communicate until you pay.
  • As paying member you can find out who has looked at your profile, who has shown interest in you and you will be able to communicate with your matches via email will constantly provide you with matches via email and so does not offer a search function. That means you cannot search to find matches.
First Meeting Technology

What makes better than some other dating sites is the first meeting technology which it provides. This technology will guide you through a communication process that will quickly teach you a lot about your prospective match and prepare you to meet in person. Their ‘First Meeting’ brings you nearer to your match more quickly. You will be able to date offline with your ideal match.

This is how the first meeting technology works:

1. You create your profile with

2. will provide you with about five matches per day based on your profile via email.

3. You get to know your match through email by communicating.

4. You meet! Let assist you in setting up your first face-to-face meeting with your match. Once you have finished meeting face-to-face with your match, return to and give your feedback. This face-to-face meeting will enable you to know if you have any chemistry with your match.

  • Premium members can only send and reply to Messages.
  • Fake profiles are more than the other dating sites.
  • Profiles can’t be deactivated in a single attempt.

Membership cost

You can trial for 14 days at no cost.
Premium membership cost :
1 Month at $49.95/Month
3 Months at $16.65/Month
6 Months at $26.65/Month



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