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Speed Dater UK

Introduction - SpeedDater.Co.Uk

Speed Dater is a UK based speed dating company running events in over 40 cities across the UK. It is one of the leading speed dating firms and has organized events for more than 5000’s people. SpeedDater is a website that you can use to find out about all of the speed dating events that the company is running in London and the entire UK. From their site, you can search by event type, the city where an event is been held, age group of those to attend the event, and many more.
SpeedDater guarantees that you will meet a date or someone you like at each speed dater event. If you don’t find a match at an event you will entitle to come to another event free of charge.

SpeedDater.Co.Uk Events

1. Speed Dating

The speed dating event is an opportunity for you to find a match. When you arrive at a speed dating event you will see a speed Dater Host wearing a speed Dater T-shirt. The host will register you into the event and give you a scorecard, a name badge, and a pen, then invite you to have a drink at the bar. Once everyone has arrived the SpeedDater Host will explain how speed dating works and answer any questions. Then the dating begins. Usually, women will stay seated while men rotate every three minutes when the bell rings to find a match. 

After meeting match participants mark on a scorecard that was provided to them whether they would like to see that person again. At the end of the evening, many people like to stay around to chat with the people they have just met. At the end of the evening, everyone takes their scorecards home with them to enter their ticks online on the Speed Dater website. After the event, you are free to contact anyone you meet on their website. Most speed daters are professionals who want to meet more people. They are normal and attractive people who because of their jobs aren’t meeting people.

2. SpeedDater singles Holidays

Speeddater runs a variety of holidays for single travelers including tennis, diving, sailing, snowboarding, skiing, sailing, and other holidays adventure. There are no dating events organized on these holidays but are a great way to meet other singles.

3. SpeedDater special events

SpeedDater also runs special events that are more like singles parties at a variety of high-class venues, including black-tie events. Speed dater also arranges special events such as single parent evenings, dinner parties, lock, and key events.

Membership cost

  • It is free to join speed dater but Events cost from £16 upwards per person.
  • You can find lots of information about speed Dater speed dating and other singles events on their website
  • Visit the Speed Dater website now and start searching for your perfect partner.


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