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Singles faith

Brief Introduction -

Singles Of Faith is an online Christian dating service and is one of the best free Christian dating services websites on the internet today. For white and other singles, African Americans, Single of Faith offers the greatest personals, advice, a matchmaking and chat room capabilities. If you are a Christian single looking for online Christian dating services, a single of Faith will be the best choice. Single of faith is not only the best online Christian dating services but is also a free Christian dating service that saves all races including black, white, Hispanic, and many other races.

SingleFaith.Org Cons

  • Singles of faith have 3 sections on their website. The “meet” section, the” Become” section and the “Serve” section.
  • The” meet” section is where you will be able to meet genuine emotionally healthy and relationship-ready single Christians.
  • The “become” section details a person’s walk of Christianity.
  • The “serve” section has a detail of events that members can volunteer to participate in, such as social gatherings, relationship skill groups, ministries, and more.
  • A single faith offers about 200,000 members the opportunity to meet online and also to meet at workdays and in workshops.
  • The single of faith uses the revenue generated from the site to fund inner-city servant workdays where singles of Faith members join other volunteers in one U.S city in a month to serve as Christ did.
  • Members are encouraged to participate in these workdays because these events allow single Christians to connect.
  • The single faith organizes monthly workdays and community service projects.
  • The single of faith organizes Monthly to quarterly relationship skill workshops.
  • They also organize regular Christian “speed dating” events.
  • They organize weekly to monthly recreational/entertainment.
  • They organize introduction events for new members.

Free Membership

  • You can join singles of faith as a free member or a basic member.
  • As a free member, you can search for wide areas only and no specific geographical locations.
  • You will be able to upload photos, send and receives emails, create a profile, and have access to local events posted on the site.
  • Also before signing up as a free member you have to answer some basic questions before becoming a member.
  • When you upgrade to a paying member, you will receive more access to this site as compared to a free member.
  • You will be able to perform searches for other members based on geographical location.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on the number of users in your geographical region, so if you have more members in your area the membership fee is high. They offer a “Membership until married ” fee which means that you pay a one-time fee and keep your membership until you get married.

The price is based on how close you live to other singles (that is within a 200-mile radius from your home zip code. ( i.e pricing depends on the number of people in your close vicinity search radius.

Membership cost

1) Membership Rates if there are [ under 500 ] members

in your close vicinity search radius :

1 Month: N/A , 3 Months :N/A , 12 Months :$19.00 , Membership-Until-Married : $59.00

2) Membership Rates if there are [ 501 – 1,500 ] members in your close vicinity search radius :

3 Months : $19.00 , 12 Months : $59.00 ,Membership-Until-Married : $99.00

3) Membership Rates if there are [ 1,501 – 2,000 ] members

in your close vicinity search radius :

2 Months: $19, 6 Months:$54 , 12 Months :$99, TilMarried :$149

4) Membership Rates if there are [ 2,001 – 3,000 ] members

in your close vicinity search radius :

1 Month:$19 , 3 Months: $49, 12 Months:$129 , TilMarried $199

5) Membership Rates if there are [ 3,000+ ] members

in your close vicinity search radius :

1 Month: $29, 6 Months :$129, 12 Months: $199 ,TilMarried: $349

Join over 80,000 relationship-ready Christians at SinglesofFaith. Find real single Christians looking for love at SinglesofFaith .


Singles faith
Singles faith

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